The other day I had a  little photo shoot with my 2 youngest siblings. It was a lot of fun plus it gave me some much needed practice!

I guess Jeffery is a typical ‘youngest one’. He seems to enjoy every moment in front of the lens. I certainly don’t mind that. In fact I rather enjoy it :)

This old tire made a great prop. I got Jeffery to lift it up. Poor guy. I forgot how heavy it is. He struggled and carried on trying desperately to get the tire in upright position.

After several tries he did manage to get it off the ground. Later on I went to move it and was amazed that he was actually able to lift it. Guess his determination got it done.

As much as I love the ‘green’ that surrounds our compound, it really doesn’t give much variety when it comes photo shoots.

‘what would you do if Katie would come and give you a big kiss?’

One of my favorites.

After I took these, I kept wistfully looking out over the wall at the rays of warm, evening sun. Sadly those rays never hit us because of the trees and the walls.

My beautiful sister.

I love how the ‘think about what would you do ifs’ bring out such a natural expression.

This chair is definitely going to be added to my list of favorite props.